Pelago x Mission TACOLAB SOLD OUT!!


Let's taco about our next collaboration with Mission Taqueria!



Monday, April 30, 2018

Mission Taqueria
1516 Sansom Street

$45 per person
- family style -

(alcohol, tax, & gratuity are additional)

We're excited to announce that we are teaming up with the gang at Mission Taqueria for their monthly collaboration series TACOLAB!
Mexi-Pino?! #ThatsAGoodMix

Pako Salad
fiddlehead fern, shaved radish, young greens, patis cured egg yolk, citrus vinaigrette

bone marrow, huitlacoche compote, spiced chapulines

Sisig Empanadas
pig head, chili, spring onion, atsuete

Goat Tacos
braised goat shoulder, sweet pea & epazote salsa

Adobong Pusit Tacos
grilled squid, atsara, squid ink tortilla

Dirty Ice Cream Sandwich
mango + queso ice cream, granola cookie


- -
menu subject to change
please no substitutions
some allergies & dietary restrictions may not be accommodated, we apologize in advance
- -

Resa & Jill will be slingin' cocktails that night
so expect choc-nuts, coconuts, & two silly little peanuts behind the bar!

Assemble your squad.


Stay tuned to the Gram for any last minute openings

Even if you can't join us for our special menu, Mission Taqueria will still be serving their full menu, so come out and see us for some drinks and tasty treats!

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Posted on April 17, 2018 .